Writing for the Web (previous class)
     Class slides as PDF

UCD Process Poster
     One page diagram of the usability testing process (PDF)

Introducing participants to a testing session
Typically performed by the Moderator
     Example A - Intro to test session (WORD)
     Example B - Intro to test session (WORD)
                            Example B source:
                             Note: They are using Moderator and Facilitator interchangeably.

Test Task Tracking Sheet
Typically completed by the facilitator as user walks and talks through a diagnosis type test.
               Blank test task tracking sheet (WORD)

Participant Compensation Receipt
     Obtain a signed and dated receipt from each participant who receives compensation.
               Basic compensation receipt (WORD)
               Basic compensation receipt (PDF)
               Receipt source:

Participant Consent Forms
     Have participants complete prior to the session or during the introduction to the session.  
     Have extra blank (unsigned) forms to provide copies to participants to take home.
               Participant consent form EX A (WORD)
              Participant consent form EX A (PDF)

               Participant consent form EX B (WORD)
               Participant consent form EX B (PDF)

               Participant consent form for Video (WORD)

Cart Sorting Resources
               This is included in your class handout as well.
               How to conduct a card sort (PDF)

                Online card sort tools
                Particularly helpful for remote visitors.

Post-Test evaluations   
              System Usability Scale (SUS)
              Post-Study System Usability Questionnaire (PSSUQ)

Usability Testing Checklist
                Step back and look at the flow of your usability project.
                Modify as needed.
                     Usability testing checklist (PDF)        

Additional Resources

                10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
                      Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. 

                Interacting with test participants
                      Video  - Red Sox
                      Video - Sound control 

                20 tips for your next Usability Test

                sability overview, methods, templates, and guidelines
                UserTesting Blog
                 A treasure trove of useful articles